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What is Equine therapy used to treat?

Equine Therapy can serve to support any therapeutic process which places the individuals experience at the heart of their healing. There are not specific “best cases”, for example though, in the treatment of traumas it can be highly effective, or for conditions such as autism and aspergers.

The horses create the space in which the therapeutic exchange can occur. The horses are not the “healers” per se, but along with the appropriate professional, facilitate a non-judgemental space in which problems and challenges can be explored.

The practice began in the USA and is now a recognized field that complements and accelerates traditional mental health counselling. Because of its intensity and effectiveness, EAP can be a strong and impactful addition to traditional talk-based therapy.

Traditionally in the UK are more aware of therapeutic riding schemes such as RDA. However the real benefits of EAP work are increasingly recognised with a number of dedicated trainers and providers now in place.

EAP is incredibly effective for quickly identifying sources of trauma which can then be used to design appropriate treatment plans. It can be used as a powerful tool for treatment of attention deficit disorder, substance abuse issues, eating disorders, expression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and low self-esteem.