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Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety at Athena Herd Foundation is very important to Us and to ensure that We meet and strive to exceed standards We:

-          hold Public and Product Liability Insurance to £5 million;

-          hold School and Training Organisations Public and Professional Liability insurance to £4 million;

-          hold employers liability to £10 million;

-          assess risks and goals either directly or indirectly;

-          where applicable require that all independent consultants (Athena Herd team members) and people hiring our facilities hold Public Liability Insurance to £2 million;

-          those providing Services at Athena Herd Foundation hold, where applicable, up to date enhanced DBS checks and appropriate training;

-          ensure that a qualified First Aider is on site;

-          can provide a safety hat;

-          ensure that We attend regular training and CPD;

-          work on an appointment basis only and numbers are kept small.


Athena Herd Foundation, so far as is reasonably practicable:

-          regularly reviews health, safety and welfare risks arising from its activities;

-          maintains safe and healthy working environment and conditions;

-          provides and maintains safe areas of work and equipment;

-          ensures, where applicable, safe storage, use and handling of substances;

-          provides information, instruction, and supervision for people regarding health and safety;

-          ensures all people and volunteers are competent to do their tasks, and to provide them with adequate training;

-          prevents and/or minimises as far as is reasonably practicable all accidents and cases of work-related ill-health;

-          regularly reviews and revises this policy when necessary.


Health and Safety Responsibilities:

Jennifer and Brent Geach are responsible for all Health and Safety matters at Athena Herd Foundation including:

-          acting on Health and Safety concerns;

-          investigating breaches of Health and Safety policies and procedures;

-          monitoring compliance with Health and Safety policies and procedures.



Health and safety awareness and training is ongoing at the Athena Herd Foundation and part of every day activities.  Whilst at the Athena Herd Foundation We explain why We do things in the way that we do to keep animals and people safe and healthy.


Induction Training:

Induction training regarding health, safety, welfare and actions to be taken in the case of an accident, first aid, incident of fire will be covered on your first day with Us.



-          may be parked at the Athena Herd Foundation (never left at the front gate) when visiting the Athena Herd Foundation;

-          on entering and leaving the main gate to Athena Herd Foundation please ensure that no lose animals leave the premises and that the main gate is closed before opening the second gate down to the Athena Herd Foundation and vice versa;

-          whilst can be parked at the Athena Herd Foundation, it is acknowledged that machinery is operated and animals run free;

-          must be driven slowly and with utmost care at all times and not exceed 10mph when onsite;

-          whilst can be parked at the Athena Herd Foundation during your visit, parking a vehicle at the Athena Herd Foundation is entirely at your own risk and you need to be aware of people and animals at all times.


People/Athena Herd Team Members/Volunteers:

-          are responsible for keeping themselves safe and for the protection of colleagues, clients, and any visitors to the Athena Herd Foundation;

-          understand that they should (and should outline to clients and any visitors to the Athena Herd Foundation) always wear gloves to protect their hands, safety hat to protect their head, hard-soled, fully enclosed shoes or boots and socks to protect feet and long trousers to protect legs while working around or interacting with horses at the Athena Herd Foundation;

-          surfaces are uneven at the Athena Herd Foundation so care should be taken at all times that the appropriate footwear is worn and attention made when walking around at the Athena Herd Foundation;

-          supervise clients and visitors at the Athena Herd Foundation at all times making sure that areas out of bounds such as the muck heap, areas where medication is stored, equipment, the track unless and until supervised are maintained as restricted;

-          should never be distracted with phones, music or any other distraction impairing vision and/or hearing when amongst the Athena Herd of horses so that hearing and/or vision is impaired not be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol when present with the Athena Herd Foundation herd of horses.



-          must not participate in any equine facilitated learning, walk and talk sessions unless and until they have been assessed by the Athena Herd Foundation and passed as being of good temperament, in good condition and suitable. Only suitably trained staff and volunteers should be present and handle them;

-          visitors to Athena Herd must not go onto the horse track system at any time unless accompanied or expressly authorised to do so by the Athena Herd Foundation.  The Athena Herd Foundation herd of horses are managed and cared for daily, brought into the yard areas for feeds and checks and clients/visitors to Athena Herd Foundation are asked to be respectful of the horse care needs whilst at Athena Herd Foundation;

-          the Athena Herd Foundation herd of horses routine is that of hay distribution, horse checks, feeds and poo picking throughout the day until into the evening.  Horses are brought in for routine checks and feeding.  There may be times when other professionals may need to be present at the Athena Herd Foundation and/or deliveries of for example hay and/or feed may occur;

-          there is a no smoking/vaping policy at the Athena Herd Foundation;

-          all gates that are shut are to be kept shut;

-          the Athena Herd Foundation operates electric fencing on a mains system, please do not touch/tamper with any fencing without consulting with the Athena Herd Foundation;

-          please make sure all lights are turned off after use;

-          litter is to be placed in the designated bins only or taken away with you;

-          no dogs except resident dogs are allowed onsite at the Athena Herd Foundation.  Please do not touch or permit anyone else to touch/open up the dog area of the resident dogs.


-          is not generally permitted at the Athena Herd Foundation;

-          please ask if you do wish to take photographs;

-          please respect the Athena Herd Foundation brand which belongs to the Athena Herd Foundation, other participants of events, and individuals;

-          photographs that are taken with the consent of the Athena Herd Foundation and/or of the Athena Herd Foundation herd of horses must always make reference to respectively the Athena Herd Foundation and/or the Athena Herd of horses;

-          Visitors to the Athena Herd Foundation expressly agree to the Athena Herd Foundation taking photographs and putting photographs on the Athena Herd Foundation website, what’s app group, facebook page/promotional facebook adverts, Instagram, twitter and any general advertising.


All accidents and near misses must be notified immediately to the Athena Herd Foundation and reported in the Accident and Incident Book and signed as required. This is an important document and must be retained in the Athena Herd Foundation Office even if it has been replaced by a new book. Serious incidents must be reported in accordance with RIDDOR.

Fire Drill:

All people, volunteers, clients and visitors to the Athena Herd Foundation will be instructed on procedures in cases of fire. This is to include the location of fire assembly points, use of different types of fire extinguishers (where applicable), fire alarm method, evacuation plan for both humans, horses, and other animals, location of main water stop tap, electrical supplies and land line telephone.


If you hear a fire alarm, leave the building immediately by the nearest fire exit and go to the fire assembly point as instructed. Do not stop to collect belongings.  Fire wardens will assist in the evacuation of the building and you must follow their instructions. Do not re-enter the building until told to do so.


If you discover a fire do not attempt to tackle it unless it is safe and you have been trained or feel competent to do so. You should operate the nearest fire alarm and, if you have sufficient time, report the location of the fire to a member of the Athen Herd Foundation.


Nominated individuals will be trained in the correct use of fire extinguishers.

You should notify the Athena Herd Foundation if there is anything (for example, impaired mobility) that might impede your evacuation in the event of a fire. A personal evacuation plan will be drawn up and brought to the attention of colleagues working in your vicinity.


Fire drills will be held at least every 12 months and must be taken seriously.


The Athena Herd foundation is responsible for ensuring fire risk assessments are undertaken and implemented, and for ensuring regular checks of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, escape routes and emergency lighting.


National health alerts

In the event of an epidemic or pandemic alert we will organise our business operations and provide advice on steps to be taken by staff, in accordance with official guidance, to reduce the risk of infection at work as far as possible. Any questions should be referred to your line manager.


It is important for the health and safety of all our staff that you comply with instructions issued in these circumstances.


Computers and display screen equipment

If you use a computer screen or other display screen equipment (DSE) habitually as a significant part of your work:


-          You should try to organise your activity so that you take frequent short breaks from looking at the screen;

-          You are entitled to a workstation assessment;

-          You are entitled to an eyesight test by an optician at our expense;

-          You should contact your manager to request a workstation assessment or an eye test. Eye tests should be repeated at regular intervals as advised by the optician, usually every two years. However, if you develop eye problems which may be caused by DSE work (such as headaches, eyestrain, or difficulty focusing) you can request a further eye test at any time;

-          We will not normally pay for glasses or contact lenses, unless your vision cannot be corrected by normal glasses or contact lenses and you need special glasses designed for the display screen distance. In such cases we will pay the cost of basic corrective appliances only.