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About Us at The Athena Herd Foundation

Jennifer at Athena Herd


Jennifer and Brent were disillusioned by the way they had experienced their horses well-being

whilst on traditional livery yards.   This is why they looked for alternative solutions during the course of 2014.  In other words, this was not just to improve the lifestyle of their horses but themselves and all of their animals.  This quest led to the farmhouse located in Paddock Wood, Kent because of its commutable distance to London.  A 16th century property with approximately 17 acres of land.  Most importantly, this move fulfilled their own dream to live a more peaceful and tranquil lifestyle.  Consequently, they could spend more quality time as a family surrounded by animals.

Brent @ Athena Herd CIC

The land at the farmhouse benefits from established hedgerow, mature trees, natural water sources, wild flowers and plants.  In other words, a wealth of natural benefits for the animals as well as the wildlife and people.  In short, Jennifer wanted to look at how they, people and animals, might live in harmony with the natural environment.

“Athena®” came about because it derives from a Greek goddess and portrays caring and kindness having inner and outer beauty.  Therefore, we feel Athena as our name denotes our values.  Coincidentally, on moving to the farmhouse, two horses purchased at that time are from a mare called Athena.  Unfortunately, whilst happy with the name “Athena”, this was subsequently already taken.  Therefore, we decided to add “Herd” after “Athena”.  Importantly for us, this represents both the herd of horses and the concept of people becoming part of our herd.  Athena Herd a natural place to learn and be herd.  A brand built by going “back to basics”. 

In 2021 Athena Herd became the Athena Herd Foundation with updated logos due its exponential growth.  The launch of the Athena Herd Foundation is due to the:

(i) Organisational and Training Centre Memberships as well as the Accredited Practitioner Register falling under the Awarding arm of the Athena Herd Foundation;

(ii) success and continued development of the Training Programmes in Equine Facilitated Interactions falling under the Learning arm; and

(iii) strengthening of the Community Funded Project work through the development for social benefit groups and local charities.  Similarly, with charity and community interest groups, we can work with them to secure funding to support such work

The Athena Herd Foundation has been and will always continue to be a labour of love.  Most importantly, the Athena Herd Foundation has evolved by us observing and learning from all past and present members of the Athena Herd Foundation.