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" Together we can do great things” Mother Theresa


Ann is passionate about the finer detail of making your experience with us at the Athena Herd Foundation second to none.


  • First Aid at work;
  • Mental Health First Aid;
  • Food hygiene.


  • Introduction to Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy / Learning.
  • Athena Herd Foundation Level 4 Diploma: Equine Facilitated Learning


Ann is one of the Directors @ Athena, Ann has spent a lifetime with animals. She recognises the positive effect that the company of animals has on individuals, especially after challenging times.  In addition to owning horses for nearly 50 years, she is also an experienced dog owner, handler and trainer.  Ann excels in attention to detail.

More recently, Ann has regularly been supporting the Community funded project work at the Athena Herd Foundation.


Michelle is passionate about energy healing, health and well being. This means that she is committed to making sure that everyone, animals and humans, is looked after and generally fit and well here at the Athena Herd Foundation.


  • Athena Herd Foundation Diploma: Equine Facilitated Practitioner;
  • Certified Agent of Consciousness;
  • Certified Reiki Master;
  • Animal Reiki Practitioner;
  • Laughter Yoga Wellness.


  • MiMer Centre Equines in Therapy Training 1&2.


Also one of the Directors @ Athena, Michelle has a lifetime of healing work experience.  During a session with Michelle, Michelle will draw on different techniques such as dowsing, chakra healing, balancing and holistic Reiki as appropriate. Enabling clients to have the right healing, where your body needs it most.

Michelle, on completion of her Level 4 Athena Herd Foundation: Equine Facilitated Practitioner Diploma has regularly supported on the Athena Herd Foundation Community funded projects. accpt senior member

The Athena Herd Foundation team is made up of independent consultants. Each member brings a wealth of experience in their particular field of expertise. Please note that the members of the Athena Herd Foundation Team are not employed by the Athena Herd Foundation CIC.