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Equine Facilitated Training Programmes


Why train with Athena Herd Foundation?

The Athena Herd Foundation  journey started with us developing an environment centred around our herd of horses.   We focused on our horses physical and emotional health and well being.   As a result, we have created an authentic safe environment for you.  We are passionate about sharing this authentic learning and development space with you.

You and the horses are at the heart of everything that we do. We look to develop your existing knowledge and experience, our training programmes have been designed to build upon the foundation your existing practice or business.

Our programmes are aimed at providing an introduction to the different practical approaches that can be engaged in providing this work. Helping learners to shape their practice appropriately from the learning. From a theoretical perspective we are very focused on the importance of such practices as mindfulness, emotional intelligence and somatic awareness and how these inform the experiential process.
We do not align to any specific style or modality of horsemanship.
We recognise that you may have different backgrounds and skill sets. For example, you may be in a people supporting profession.  You may already work with horses.  Alternatively, you may have an interest in working in this field, or you may be looking to develop more connected and meaningful equine interactions.  We have designed our training programmes for you, no matter what your background or specialism.

Moreover, at the outset we made a conscious decision about our pricing.  We set out to deliver very high standard yet affordable training programmes in an authentic environment.  In other words, our price is not a reflection of the quality of our training.

You do not have to pay any annual membership fees nor subscriptions to stay in touch and be part of our community.  Similarly, we do not require that you continue supervision with us, that is unless you would like to.



External validation of our Training Programmes


It is not just us at the Athena Herd Foundation that recognises the strength and quality of our workshops, certificate and diploma training programmes.

All courses in our portfolio have been externally accredited by the ACCPH.  This accreditation provides assurance that our training programmes are of the highest standard.   In other words, they closely follow the benchmarks set by OFQUAL and the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council.  ACCPH will invite you to join in your own right on successful completion of our training programmes.


The Athena Herd Foundation Training Team 


We look to welcome those of you that train with us  into our unique supportive community.  We are a community that is passionate about embracing each others strengths.  Most noteworthy, in addition to our  Equine Facilitated Interaction (EFI) experiences we also excel in horses, training, coaching, advisory, business, legal, equitation and counselling skills. 

Train with us for a unique 360 degree learning experience.  Above all, you will have the opportunity to develop new and complementary skills and practices as Equine Facilitated Practitioners.


Level 2 Certificate in Equine Facilitated Interactions


You can take our  externally accredited ACCPH Certificate in Equine Facilitated Interactions (Module One) as a standalone Certificate.  You will need to successfully complete four days of on-site learning.  Please note that you can also study our Certificate as an interactive distance learning option.  Please contact us for more information.


Level 4 and 5 Equine Facilitated Practitioner Diplomas

You must complete our Certificate in Equine Facilitated Interactions (Module One) before continuing with our externally accredited ACCPH Level 4 Equine Facilitated Practitioner Diploma (Modules Two and Three). 

We expect that you will need approximately nine to ten months in total to complete all modules of the Level 4 Equine Facilitated Practitioner Diploma, and an additional three to six months to complete the Level 5.  These qualifications are a mix of both direct and distance learning, though can be completed on a fully remote basis.  We will also provide you with full support, mentoring and supervision throughout your training experience. 

The Diplomas build on the theory and knowledge you gained on the Certificate, as well as core practical experiential skills.  Our training programmes are designed so that you can successfully look to develop and build your own unique practice or business.  We are here to support you both during and after completion of our training programmes.

The Level 5 qualification is principally about individual research and extended case-study work which is supplemented by topic work drawn from the optional topics available to the Level 4 learners.


Level 7 Certificate in Equine Facilitated Interactions

Athena Herd Foundation offers an externally accredited ACCPH Level 7 Certificate in Equine Facilitated Interactions. This is a year-long qualification which focusses on supervised individual independent research and analysis. There are also two short taught modules which focus on the skills required to develop your own research project, and ensuring effective and appropriate tools can be engaged to assess and analyse the impact of the project undertaken.

As with our levels 2, 4 and 5 this qualification is accredited by the ACCPH. Applicants will need to have a Batchelors (UK level 6) degree and a recognised qualification in Equine Facilitated Interactions (including Equine Facilitated/Assisted Learning or Psychotherapy).

Applicants who do not have a recognised qualification, but have an established professional practice, can be considered for application through a Certificate of Proficiency process. 


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About us

Athena Herd Foundation CIC is an Organisational Member of  the BACP and ACCPH.

The Athena Herd Foundation is an ethos centric, internationally recognised learning and development centre that specialises in equine interactions. It offers a wide range of professional qualifications, CPD/CEU opportunities and training programmes.