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Accredited Practitioner Register Standards of Education and Training

The Register recognises the importance of standards in education and training. These standards ensure that members of the public, service users or clients are provided with services that are founded on professional ethics and standards that prioritise the health and wellbeing. and that protect them from harm or injury.

In line with these standards the Register currently invites applications where applicants have:

  • successful completed of the Athena Herd Foundation Level 4 Equine Facilitated Practitioner Diploma; or
  • successful completed and have proof of qualification for non-Athena Herd Foundation training in Equine Facilitated Interactions. These must be recognised regulated qualifications, at a minimum Level 4 on the Ofqual (or regional UK equivalent) Regulated Qualifications Framework

The Register maintains a list of recognised Equine Facilitated Interaction qualifications which is reviewed on a regular basis. Potential applicants are invited to enquire about the qualifications that they hold.

For all applications, proof of qualifications for other non-Equine Facilitated Interaction practices and therapies must be provided where practitioners are seeking to register the provision of these services (for example Psychotherapy or Counselling). These must be recognised regulated qualifications, at a minimum Level 4 on the Ofqual (or regional UK equivalent) Regulated Qualifications Framework and supported by membership of appropriate accredited registers. 

The Register is also open to applications where individual equine-related qualifications are not recognised. In these cases:

  • the qualifications will need to be confirmed as of a suitable standard and appropriateness. The Register’s approach is defined under the framework for Defining Education Standards, or;  
  • where applicants cannot meet any of the above the Register offers a Certificate of Proficiency option (see below)

Certificate of Proficiency

The Register recognises that there will be competent practitioners whose equine-related qualifications are not be aligned to the aligned requirements of the Register, or that they do not hold any. In such cases the services are likely to be being delivered based upon practices and skills acquired from other modalities supported by appropriate (non-Equine) qualifications.

With a view to accommodating such practitioners the Register offers a Certificate of Proficiency that can be completed to prove appropriate standards of professional skills and practice that complies with the conditions of Register membership.

Please email us for more information on this approach.

Continued Professional Development

The Register also has defined levels of Continued Professional Development which all members are expected to comply with.

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VersionInitialsDescriptionVersion Date
1GGInitial DraftApril 2022
2GGReviewedFebruary 2023
3GGFurther drafting following PSA reviewMay 2023