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A natural place to learn.

Athena Herd is a natural place to learn. We offer insightful and effective training in nature alongside our beautiful herd in the heart of the natural landscape of West Kent.

Our team brings a diversity of skill and experience. This means that we offer a breadth of service from professional and team development, business and legal consulting to therapeutic.

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Learning at Athena Herd

At the heart of our work is the Athena herd, a large herd of free living horses. We specialize in Equine Facilitated work – which we both deliver and train, click here to find out about our accredited diploma.

We work with individuals, entrepreneurs, senior leaders, community and charitable groups, learning organisations, companies and corporates that:

  • think big and are open to challenge;
  • recognize the value of individual leadership throughout the organisation;
  • aim to develop and sustain strong and effective relationship they have with their customers and stakeholders;
  • value curiosity, passion and the desire to learn;
  • are looking for leadership development offerings that bring new perspectives and life experiences to their teams.

Athena Herd CIC is an organisational members of ACCPH and BACP. These memberships assure our clients of the underlying standards and quality of the training and services that we provide. These standards are reflected in our Practitioner Diploma and numerous Continuous Professional Development (CPD) offerings.

What are the benefits?

Our learning models are highly versatile, and include such meaningful outcomes as:

  • inspiring others to succeed;
  • increased awareness of leadership in uncertain and challenging times;
  • personal development and life skills;
  • trust as an organisational asset and the value of authenticity;
  • emotional and social intelligence;
  • resilience, self-awareness and self management;
  • empowering individuals and team

Why not hire us?

In addition training and courses provided by our team our facilities can be hired by third parties. This includes our comfortable indoor learning space or outdoors alongside the herd and out other animals.

Or Stay with us?

 Accommodation is also available onsite for those  who want to deeply immerse themselves in the  Athena experience. This is a great opportunity for those visiting us to really make the most of their visit.

We have various onsite accommodation options, including our idyllic tree house or our bell tents. We provide breakfast for those staying with us.

Email us now [email protected] for more information about how you might enjoy “a natural place to learn”