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Organisational Membership

Athena® Herd Foundation also invites applications for Organisational Membership.

As an organisational member of Athena® an organisation’s practitioners can (where appropriate) be supported through the process of individual application to the Accredited Practitioner Register. This is not limited to those who have trained with Athena®.

In addition, organisational members that have trained with Athena® and have practitioners on the Training Team, can be considered as a Training Centre for Athena’s® externally accredited training courses. 

The Organisational Membership application process involves a full review of the organisation’s policies and procedures is completed, this includes the standard policies (a full list is available on request). In addition, there is a requirement to confirm organisational commitment to Athena’s® professional and ethical standards, as well as the framework for the ethical treatment of horses, as expressed under the conditions of the Accredited Practitioner Register.

When Organisational Membership has been confirmed, individual practitioner applications to the Register can be considered in line with the standard application process.

These are carried out on a reduced fee dependent on the size of organisation (reviewed at time of application).

This process assumes that these practitioners will at all times be working under the organisation’s policies and procedures, and general governance. Individual practitioners registered under an Organisational Membership will not be registered to practice independently unless they separately apply to be.