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Registered Practitioners (Athena)

In addition to the regulated Accredited Practitioner Register™ (PSA) in the UK Athena® Herd Foundation recognises and accredits those not practicing recognised health and wellbeing modalities, or not resident of the UK, through Registered Practitioner (Athena) membership.

Registered Practitioners under this membership are committed to the same ethical and professional standards as Accredited Practitioners (PSA) as a foundation for their delivery of Equine Facilitated Interactions (known as, for example, Equine Assisted and/or Facilitated Learning, Therapy,  Counselling, Psychotherapy, or Hippotherapy – defined here). 


In registering Registered Practitioners the Athena® Herd Foundation seeks to:

    • create and maintain professional ethics and standards that prioritise the health and wellbeing of clients and public and protects them from harm or injury;
    • promote and maintain client confidence and public credibility in the benefits of Equine Facilitated Interactions and the delivery thereof;
    • provide a clear definition of professional standards required to support the delivery of Equine Facilitated Interactions;
    • maintain ongoing compliance with these standards of membership.

Registered Practitioners will have:

(i) demonstrated that they have all of the above in place;
(ii) equine health and wellbeing is at the heart of what they do; and
(iii) submitted and maintain compliance with conditions of membership.

Applications are invited from practitioners of all backgrounds, not just hose who have completed Athena Herd Foundation programmes.

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Legal Disclaimer: Please note that the Athena® Herd Foundation is not liable for any loss, damages or injuries caused during the access or provision of services provided by Practitioners registered on the Athena® Herd Foundation Accredited Practitioner Register™.  In addition, we advise all service users, clients and members of the public must themselves check the suitability of the services being provided by a registered Practitioner prior to engaging with the same. 

As an accredited register we consider and review complaints about Practitioners raised by service users or clients about the services provided. Where considered appropriate this can lead to the imposition of sanctions by the Register. You can find out more about this process here