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Accredited Practitioner Register Interim Suspension

The Professional Conduct Review Committee (“PCRC”) may decide to suspend a Practitioner from The Register pending the outcome of an investigation and/or disciplinary Hearings (“Interim Suspension”) where it considers this is necessary for the protection of the public or otherwise in the public interest.

The Practitioner will be notified of any decision to impose an Interim Suspension and may request a review of the decision in writing to the Registrar within 28 days of being notified of the decision. Such a review will be considered by the Independent Reviewer and their decision notified to the Practitioner, the outcome of which can be admissible at any subsequent Hearing.

If the Interim Suspension is maintained following a review, or if a request for a review is not received in accordance, notice of the suspension will be published in accordance with the Register’s Professional Conduct Notices conditions.

The duration of any Interim Suspension cannot exceed 18 months. A suspended Practitioner may apply in writing for their suspension to be reviewed where the circumstances, since the suspension was imposed or last reviewed, have materially changed.


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