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Continued Professional Development

The Athena Herd Foundation Accredited Practitioner Register recognises the importance of CPD for maintaining standards of professional practice.

Our definition of CPD aligns to that accrediting body the ACCPH, as follows: “Specific learning activities through which practitioners develop and enhance their knowledge and skills throughout their careers”. CPD ensures that Practitioners increase their capacity to practise safely, effectively and keep up-to-date with new ideas and techniques within their field.

The Register recognises that CPD can be varied in its format, both in terms of practical experience and formal training. Practical experience can take the form of observing and shadowing colleagues, joining meetings, working alongside senior colleagues, whereas more formal approaches can take the form topic-based courses such as first-aid or specific technical skills or qualifications such as this IQA course, or other related professional vocational qualifications.

Finally, there is the option of more personal learning, such as attending events such as conferences, or individual learning and research.

The Register expects that members undertake 15 to 25 hours per annum, of which we recommend that at least 5 hours relate directly to equine related learning.  

We recognise that other register memberships also have expectations and where appropriate and aligned to individual practice those hours can be included in the annual consideration.

You are allowed to exceed 25 hours, but you cannot carry over additional hours to subsequent years.

Non UK equivalence

Athena Herd Foundation Accredited Practitioner Register is aware that not every jurisdiction measures or defines continued professional education in the same way. The Register recognises that in the US it is defined as a “Continued Educational Unit” or “CEU”. One CEU equates to a ten hours of accredited professional education and the Register recognises this commitment from registrants.

Other definitions will be considered where requested.

CPD Recording Keeping

Registrants are expected to maintain records of CPD undertaken, including details of that which was undertaken, where or with whom, its duration (in hours) and aligned benefit to your practice.

The Register does not expect you to submit CPD records each year with renewal, however the content can be requested as part The Registers annual audit process. Click here, for more information on the audit process and what is expected.