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Annual Audit of Registrants

The Register carries out an annual random audit of registered members renewing their membership to ensure that they are continuing to meet the requirements of registration.  

Compliance with the audit process is an obligation of registration, and as such is included within the signed Declaration of Commitments in the application form.  

Selection process

Any practitioner who has been on the Register for more than a year is eligible for audit when their membership is due for renewal.

Each year we audit 10% of eligible renewing members.

If you’re selected, we’ll send you an audit notice by email. We give you up four weeks to return all the relevant information.

Preparing submission

If you’re selected for audit, you must provide your past year’s records relating to:

  • supervision: you must submit an up-to-date record of your supervision sessions and professional benefit thereof:
  • continued professional development (CPD): You can submit records of the CPD hours that you’ve undertaken during the year.
  • indemnity insurance: You must provide your insurance certificate or certificates to cover the full audit period. If you are covered by your employer’s insurance, we need proof of your insurance from that employer, with a supporting confirmation letter on branded letterhead.
  • service user complaints: we require full details of any complaints or concerns raised by service users with the practitioner over the prior year and any specific action taken, or agreements reached.
  • confirmation of appropriate policies and procedures are in place and current.
  • other information: we may request other information or evidence in support of your registration, any such requirements will be made clear in the advising email

It is important that the information you provide is honest and accurate. If you give false or misleading information, you may be referred to Professional Conduct Review Committee.

You can continue to practise while preparing your submission and while we are assessing your information.


You have four weeks from dates of notification to submit any requested information. In exceptional circumstances the Register will consider extensions to the due date. If you want to request additional time, please contact us at [email protected], marking your email “Audit Extension”.

If you don’t provide your information by the deadline, your name will be removed from the Register. You’ll then have four additional weeks to respond.

We will reinstate your registration as soon as we receive your audit submission. Should you still fail to respond, we’ll write to you again giving you a further seven days. If you do not respond, and we cannot contact you, you will be removed from the Register. 

Appeals process

You can only appeal against a decision to remove you from the Register on the grounds that the audit procedure has not been followed correctly or that your audit information has not been fairly and properly assessed against the Register standards.

You must make your appeal in writing within one calendar month of receiving our decision letter in line with our Appeals Policy.

For more information on the audit process please follow this link.

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