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Level 7 - The Application of Equine Groundwork in Clinical Practice

The Application of Equine Groundwork in Clinical Practice

Post-graduate (Level 7) certificate module in “The Application of Equine Groundwork in Clinical Practice” delivered in conjunction with Ulster University’s School of Health Sciences Allied Health Professional Masters’ Programme. This course aims to develop knowledge and skills of Allied Healthcare Professionals to equip the students to safely integrate equine groundwork concepts and exercises into clinical practice to facilitate responses in clients according to their individual developmental and therapeutic needs.


The module aims to:

  1. develop the knowledge and understanding of the different theories and approaches that can be applied in clinical practice;
  2. equip the student with the knowledge and skills to maintain a safe and effective evidence-based practice;
  3. critically assess the appropriate use of a horse these activities;
  4. develop the knowledge and skills to conduct comprehensive client assessment;
  5. develop and implement intervention programmes based on agreed goals and outcome measures;
  6. understand the process of setting up and running their own business/practice.

Learning Outcomes

Successful students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a comprehensive awareness and understanding of working safely within the therapeutic space with horses;
  2. apply, integrate, and justify knowledge of equine psychology, behaviour, and communication;
  3. exhibit appropriate knowledge and skills and to conduct comprehensive assessment throughout the process;
  4. demonstrate appropriate knowledge and skills to develop individualised interventions, including agreed goals and outcome measures;
  5. gather, critically appraise, and produce evidence for the use of equine groundwork for diverse range of needs;
  6. demonstrate appropriate knowledge and understanding of the process of setting up and running their own business/practice

Routes to Study

  1. Application direct to Athena Herd Foundation CIC
  2. Undertake as a module, part of a Post-Graduate Certificate or Ulster University Masters’ Programme.
    There is a prerequisite to have completed a first degree, Level 6, qualification to join the university programme. 
  3. Undertake it as an independent qualification. Successful completion will be supported by a university certification accompanied by learning transcript.

Entrance Criteria

  1. An Honours or non-Honours degree from a University of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland or from a recognized national awarding body, or from an institution of another country which is recognised as being of an equivalent standard;
  2. An equivalent standard in a Postgraduate Certificate; or;
  3. In exceptional circumstances, where an individual has substantial and significant experiential learning, a portfolio of written evidence demonstrating the meeting of graduate qualities (including subject-specific outcomes, as determined by the Course Committee) may be considered as an alternative entrance route.


  1. Online delivered lectures, independent learning and research and group projects, as well as four days onsite at the end of the module (I suggest flyer does not have dates)
  2. 10 evening online lectures and a four day onsite practical weekend.
  3. Group size will be a minimum of 12 learners in line with other Ulster University post-graduate modules.


£1250 for the programme, plus an additional £300 for four dates onsite practical.