The Athena Herd team is made up of independent consultants. Each member brings a wealth of experience in their particular field of expertise. This diversity enables us to offer a broad range of services to our clients. Please scroll down to find out more about each of them.

“Together we can do great things” Mother Theresa

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Jennifer Geach

Jennifer at Athena HerdProfile:  Jennifer the co-founder of Athena Herd Foundation CIC. She is passionate about tailoring unique personal learning and development experiences for individuals or collective groups. This ensures that the Athena Herd can support you on your journey to becoming the best that you can be. You can contact Jennifer through our main contact details.


  • Co-founder of the Athena Herd Foundation CIC (Organisational Member of ACCPH and the bacp);
  • Trained Facilitated Learning Practitioner;
  • Mental Health First Aider;
  • Senior Solicitor qualifying into financial markets in 2008 during one of the most volatile times in the market.


  • MiMer Centre Equines in Therapy Training 1&2.


Jennifer ACCPH Fellow Member

Experience: Jennifer has a lifetime of horse ownership. She has over 25 years experience of working internationally with magic circle law firms. This includes global investment banking clients, international investment management firms headquartered in the United States, Insurers, American and European Information Technology companies.

Contact: You can contact Jennifer directly at [email protected]

Graeme Green

Profile: Graeme is a committed developer of individuals and builder of teams. His experience is both practical as a manager and leader and academic and a professional L and D trainer. He has strong personal Mindfulness and EQ skills.

Graeme Green of The Mindful Horse


  • Personal and professional coach;
  • Equine facilitated, embodied and experiential learning expert;
  • Mindfulness trainer;
  • NLP Practitioner;
  • Mental Health First Aider training;
  • EQi, Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessment and coaching.


Experience: Graeme has over 25 years of practical experience of team development and leadership in the insurance industry. He has led numerous teams charged with delivering robust business facing operational services.  This means he brings a very real experience and understanding of professional challenges that might arise for clients. Graeme has been delivering training and coaching alongside horses for 10 years. In addition, he is a director of the CIC, Equilibrium for Life, and founder of the Mindful Horse.

Graeme has done Equine Facilitated Learning work with clients as diverse as Pupil Referral Units, fellows of Oxford University, and senior executive teams. He also provides Mindfulness training to clients of the Mental Health charity MIND. He brings this powerful diversity of experience to all of his sessions. At the Athena Herd Foundation Graeme works with Jennifer on all aspects including the delivery of Training Programmes, Community funded projects and the development of Corporate programmes.   

Graeme charges £95.00 for sessions up to 75 minutes. Email him directly here to enquire further or make a booking.

Ann Newman

Ann at Athena Herd

Profile: Ann is passionate about the finer detail of making your experience with us at the Athena Herd Foundation second to none.


  • First Aid at work;
  • Mental Health First Aid;
  • Food hygiene.


  • Introduction to Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy / Learning.
  • Athena Herd Foundation Certificate: Equine Facilitated Learning

ExperienceAnn has spent a lifetime with animals. She recognises the positive effect that the company of animals has on individuals, especially after challenging times.  In addition to owning horses for nearly 50 years, she is also an experienced dog owner, handler and trainer.  Ann excels in attention to detail.

More recently, Ann has regularly been supporting the Community funded project work at the Athena Herd Foundation.

Kate Chandler

Kate works with energy, intuition and a strong sense of oneness with nature to provide profound and deep healing for horses, animals and humans in one to one sessions. She is a huge advocate for the gentle but powerful healing that Reiki provides but has her feet very much on the ground and is a practical as well as empathetic therapist.
She also treats horses with massage (using Sports and Swedish techniques and Stress Point Release) and a deeply therapeutic blend of massage with Reiki. Horse: Human Connection sessions for people and their horses (a bit like relationship counselling!) are also available.

Kate enjoys working with people and helping them relax, rebalance, recharge and re-connect with themselves through Reiki and Mindfulness private sessions and group workshops.
Keep your eye on the “What’s On” page of our website for Kate’s upcoming workshops at the Athena Herd Foundation, both human and horse-themed!
To find out more about Kate visit her website www.equiheal.co.uk
  • Reiki Master (with advanced Equine Reiki)
  • Equine Massage Therapist
  • Diploma in Mindfulness

. accpt senior member

Michelle Jamieson

Profile: Michelle is passionate about energy healing, health and well being. This means that she is committed to making sure that everyone, animals and humans, is looked after and generally fit and well here at the Athena Herd Foundation.


  • Athena Herd Foundation Diploma: Equine Facilitated Practitioner;
  • Certified Agent of Consciousness;
  • Certified Reiki Master;
  • Animal Reiki Practitioner;
  • Laughter Yoga Wellness.


  • MiMer Centre Equines in Therapy Training 1&2.

Experience: Michelle has a lifetime of healing work experience.  During a session with Michelle, Michelle will draw on different techniques such as dowsing, chakra healing, balancing and holistic Reiki as appropriate. Enabling clients to have the right healing, where your body needs it most.

Michelle, on completion of her Level 4 Athena Herd Foundation: Equine Facilitated Practitioner Diploma has regularly supported on the Athena Herd Foundation Community funded projects. 


accpt senior member

The Athena Herd Foundation team is made up of independent consultants. Each member brings a wealth of experience in their particular field of expertise. Please note that the members of the Athena Herd Foundation Team are not employed by the Athena Herd Foundation CIC.