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Exciting new funded community project

Athena Herd CIC is very pleased to announce a new project with Crossways Community. Crossways Community is a Christian charity which provides housing and support for adults suffering from a range of mental illnesses.

This project aims to provide dedicated service to the client group of Crossways Community Culverdale and so is focused specifically around that need. Their client group is vulnerable adults aged 18 to 65 that experience moderate to acute mental health challenges. Most specifically general anxieties, depression, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder and personality disorders.

Working alongside the Athena Herd of horses, we are seeking to support the development and strengthening of personal confidence and self-esteem. In addition, to help establish safe means of boundary setting and stronger communication of personal need.

Jennifer Geach, co-founder of Athena Herd says: “Working with horses is a very immediate and effective way of building tools and skills, strategies and coping mechanisms, all of which facilitate individual strength and resilience.”

The value of this work is similarly reflected by Natalie Wenham at Crossways: “We are very excited to be part of Athena Herd’s pilot project and for some of our residents to be able to experience the therapeutic benefits of being with their horses, facilitated by their skilled and dedicated team.”

Everyone at Athena Herd and Crossways Community are very grateful to the Kent Community Foundation and Gatwick Foundation Fund for providing a grant that makes this important and valuable work possible.




Please note: The start of this project has been deferred because of the Covid-19 Pandemic but we are all looking forward to commencing at the first possible opportunity. Watch this space!