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Athena: Heard Podcast, “Transition”

Welcome to the second Athena: Heard podcast.

Jennifer and Graeme were joined by Gilli Coston and Rob Thompson to talk about “Transitions”.

It was a great conversation around the idea of transition as a framework for individual adaptation to, and acceptance of, external change. This topic reaches into every element of life, whether personal or professional, as well as having many parallels in the lives of the average domestic horse.

Our conversation ranges from Armed Forces experience, to significant career change, and draws into that the horse. We look at what is needed to help individuals (human and equine) through such transitions and consider the beneficial value of a settled herd (as with the Athena herd) in creating a safe space to help humans to work through their own responses to transition and change. As well as creating a long term safe and supportive space for the horses.

You listen via the audio link below ….

or, you can listen through YouTube here.