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Athena: Heard Podcast, Making it Happen

Welcome to the first edition of our new podcast Athena: Heard.

We have been reflecting on what it takes to make things happen. What does it really mean to acknowledge the challenges and obstacles that we face, and then to access the resources needed to overcome them. This has been meaningfully brought to life for us this year with the creation and delivery of our remote Certificate in Equine Facilitated Learning. In so doing, we successfully managed to take an experiential learning process and bring it to life online.

This got us thinking, how many others face challenges in building their business? We wanted to find out how they overcame them. That became the theme for this podcast.

Jennifer and Graeme were joined by a number of friends from the Equine Facilitated world to celebrate how with commitment and determination we can move beyond those things which might otherwise block us.

Please join us for an inspiring discussion.