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Athena Herd CIC provides powerful nature based activities for the benefit of the local West Kent community. Our work places the individual (and their needs) at the centre of their experience.

We focus on the power of learning in a peaceful natural setting. The activities are framed around mindfulness, connected and meaningful interactions and equine facilitated learning (EFL).

We aim to offer:

• services to those who might most benefit in the West Kent area
• interactions which build on developing authentic meaningful relationships with animals, especially horses;
• opportunities for those who feel isolated or disengaged to safely explore alternative approaches to rebuilding connections;
• safe spaces to support positive interactions for those experiencing physical and/or mental health challenges;
• a space which promotes and develops emotional confidence and literacy, resilience, self-esteem and social integration

Athena Herd is registered to provide social commissioning support, click here to find out how you can benefit from this.