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Sorrel Griffiths

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☀ Accredited Practitioner (PSA)

Athena Herd Member

☀ Practice: Equine Facilitated Practitioner


I am a Equine facilitated practitioner and also a riding instructor and through my buisness Healthy Minds Equine I also help people with mindfullness and general wellbeing with the presence of horses. After graduating from University with a BSc in Psychology I worked in adolescent mental health for 5 years. I have worked with horses on and off my whole life and feel there is such power and value in combining horses with helping people. I have a diploma in psychotherapy and have seen horses help people deal with and feel better about life traumas or stresses but sometimes just experiencing something unique is of real benefit even if you’ve never touched a horse before. I have my own horses at a private yard in Kings Norton Birmingham it is here I do 1:1 and group sessions for people of all ages, the work here is all non ridden. I can also travel to other yards in the area and work with owners and their horses and this can be ridden work if desired. I can also offer advice by email if needed in these difficult times my email is [email protected] . Animals can be a key to unlocking our true feelings and emotions and they’re great listeners too! If you have any questions please send me a message.