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Serena Hemmings

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For the past 20 years, I've worked in education, fostering inclusive environments wherever I worked. A brain injury survivor myself, I understand the importance of overcoming challenges. Over the past 7 years I have transitioned from the classroom to becoming a foster carer and mental health professional. Throughout my career I have try to provide opportunities for the young people and communities I served with my dogs and horses. When I started in school leadership I missed teaching and would carve out time to teach every week the children who were really struggling with the school environment. This soon evolved into my own company and my dogs, cats and horses would become involved in sessions. It was a student who coined the phrase 'therapeutic tutor' to describe my cat Misty and since then the name has stuck and The Therapeutic Tutors CIC now exists today.

As a dedicated foster carer, I use therapeutic parenting techniques and mentor new carers. My background includes a postgraduate certificate in psychology, Higher Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and training from the Anna Freud Centre in Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT). I combine these skills with Equine Facilitated Learning for young people and adults, and I extend my services to prisoners in 2 UK prisons. I also work extensively with care leavers and care experienced adults.

I hold a Level 4 Diploma in Equine Facilitated Learning from Athena Herd. I'm passionate about helping people connect with themselves and others. It is a great joy to be in the privileged position to facilitate connections between people and horses. The Athena Herd Community fosters a sense of inclusion and thoughtful connection. It embodies the core principles of EFL – building connections and attunement – within the human bonds that naturally develop within the organization. If the information in my pages don't feel like a fit for you there will be someone in the community that will. :-)