Kerry Walmsley

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My name is Kerry Walmsley and my specialism is with special needs students in a specialist school with a range from verbal to non verbal. I am the Director of SOMA Interaction CIC. Communicating and social interaction and are at the heart of the work of SOMA Interactions CIC. Our aims are to enable, arm and empower all our clients with the understanding of how to communicate and interact, to develop spontaneous and functional communication skills, develop good relationships with others and to develop social communication skills. To help clients maintain a well-regulated emotional state for learning and interacting in an appropriate way with as broad an audience as possible in order for them to have access to a wide range of life opportunities and to participate and contribute as fully as they can.Our aim is to embrace all forms of engagement with a holistic approach, to ensure that each client can use the communication skills they develop to enrich their lives and achieve the greatest independence possible;for some this may simply be the ability to choose between two pictures of desired objects whilst for others this may be taking a leading role in a drama production – both are equally valued.