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Jane Gilbey

☀ Athena Herd Member, Verified Accredited Practitioner

☀ Diploma


My area of study has been originally more focussed on modalities to help horses and dogs. I am a Reiki Animal Practitioner, Equine Touch Practitioner and have have Diplomas for Equine, Canine and Feline Behaviour and Training. During my time working at a veterinary practice between 1990 and 2000 I obtained my Bach Flower Practitioner qualification for people and animals. Over the years I have studied many other ranges of Vibrational Essences and am registered as an Advanced Practitioner with the BFVEA. Essence therapy helps people and animals move graciously through changes, supports trauma release, acts as catalysts for personal growth and change, they can help facilitate emotional, mental, spiritual and physical balance. They are safe and gentle and suitable for anyone to use to support themselves on an emotional level. Because of my journey with essences over many decades I feel well equipped to support my clients and my horses. They compliment very well working with horses in Equine Facilitated Learning. The name of my business is Natural Answer. In 2008 my husband and I moved to Brook Farm, a 20 acre small holding which is home to my small herd of horses, dogs, cats, pet sheep. My herd consists of two Arab horses, a Welsh pony and a Mini. They lead as natural a life as possible, mostly out at grass all together. They have been my greatest teachers. I am excited to be including the wisdom and intuition of horses into my work. In 2020 we launched Oaksbrook Retreat at the farm. Here we offer a self catering holiday barn, Glamping and a dedicated learning space set in beautiful countryside. Visitors and guests can attend workshops facilitated by myself and others. They can join one of my nature based activities or book a healing or EFL session.