For us at Athena Herd, leadership is about how you are

We can not make someone follow us any more than we can demand their trust. Consequently, real leadership demands authenticity.  Therefore, we must ask ourselves, how would we create such a state in ourselves that others will choose to follow us.

Moreover, working with horses requires that we connect with our innate leader.  Above all we need to seek to work without force.  Therefore, we need to be clear in our communication, intention and focus.  In other words, this applies no matter where we are physically.  Whether on our horse track, in our paddocks, or arena.  Importantly, the horses expect us to find an honest and genuine state within ourselves.

In practice, leading others is no different. We offer those responsible for leading and managing others the opportunity to:
• understand the gap between intention and positive action;
• develop and practice the skills and competencies needed to be a genuine leader;
• establish meaningful presence and connection, and embody clarity of communication;
• nurture ones self awareness as a foundation for emotional and social intelligence;
• work on personal resilience and purposefulness needed for challenging times;
• recognise the impact that our conscious and unconscious actions and behaviour have upon others.

And for the teams

How we are as a team (for better or worse) is often very clearly reflected in our interactions with horses.
For a team, working together with horses provides an honest and safe space not only to explore their collective behaviour, but more importantly it is a safe and non judgemental place to experiment with shifts or changes and experience the difference.

The horses help:

• develop the skills needed for effective group vision and direction
• explore the value of effective communication across the team;
• us understand and respect the importance of all roles in collective performance; and
• with understanding the value of trust as an organisational asset.