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The Athena Herd Foundation has established the Accredited Practitioner Register™ ( Register) to create and maintain professional ethics and standards that prioritise the health and wellbeing of clients and public and protects them from harm or injury in the field of Equine Facilitated Interactions. The Register not only strives to set standards of practice, but also act to protect public interest by providing a means by which service users and clients can safely raise concerns or complaints about services being offered or provided.  

The Register is a public record of professionals who deliver Equine Interactions and in so doing meet or exceed our recommended minimum quality standards. Choosing a Practitioner who is listed on the Register offers services users and clients the assurance that their Practitioners meet expected standards of proficiency and ethical practice.

The Executive Committee

Overall governance of the Register resides with the Athena Herd Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee is made up of the Directors of Athena Herd Foundation CIC supported by functional expertise as appropriate.

Any additional or replacement Directors shall be approved by the Executive Committee and advised to the Companies House accordingly.

Powers and Responsibilities

The Directors shall, supported by the full membership of the Executive Committee, take responsibility for all matters relating to management of the Company and the achievement of its Objects. 

Authority and Governance

The Executive Committee is delegated to be the principal governance body of the Company. All strategic financial and operational discussion and decisions will be directed through and resolved by the Executive Committee.

The Athena Herd Foundation has in place an extensive set of operational policies and procedures which provide a framework of guidelines, instructions and best practice for all of its members and activities, which are intended to safeguard the interests of all those with whom it interacts.

The Executive Terms of Reference are available here.

The Accredited Practitioner Register Advisory Board

The Executive Committee delegates the day-to-day management and oversight of the Register to the Accredited Practitioner Register Advisory Board.

The membership of the Advisory Board shall include both Athena Herd Foundation representation and also lay practitioners and professionals with appropriate, skills, competence and experience. 

The Advisory Board shall provide operational direction over the registration process, the Register’s codes and standards, and in conjunction with the Professional Conduct Review Committee acts to ensure the fair and consistent treatment of any complaints received about registrants. 

The Advisory Board reports to the Executive Committee and where required makes representations to that body for ratification or decision.

Athena Herd Foundation and the Accredited Practitioner Register is committed to including diverse representations from the Equine Facilitated Interactions market and seeks lay membership. Specific roles will be published online as arising, however any practitioner who has an interest being considered for board involvement should email [email protected] for more information.

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