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The Accredited Practitioner Register™ ( Register) was established to create and maintain professional ethics and standards that prioritise the health and wellbeing of clients and public and protects them from harm or injury in the field of Equine Facilitated Interactions. The Register not only strives to set standards of practice, but also act to protect public interest by providing a means by which service users and clients can safely raise concerns or complaints about services being offered or provided.  

The Register is a public record of professionals who deliver Equine Interactions and in so doing meet or exceed our recommended minimum quality standards. Choosing a Practitioner who is listed on the Register offers services users and clients the assurance that their Practitioners meet expected standards of proficiency and ethical practice.

The Accredited Practitioner Register Advisory Board

The overall governance of the Register and oversight of its day to day responsibilities and obligations as an accredited register is the responsibility of the Accredited Practitioner Register Advisory Board. To find out more about the Advisory Board click here.

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