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Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Statement

Athena® Herd Foundation and the Accredited Practitioner Register recognise in the importance of respect for, and openness towards, diversity. We understand the protected characteristics with the Equality Act 2010 and as such respect that everyone has the right to live without fear or prejudice regardless of race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, social class, religion and belief.

We promote EDI aware behaviour across our organisation and our extended community of facilitators, learners and service users. Similarly, we expect all members of the Register to commit to the same in their interactions with clients and service users. As well as treating all throughout with dignity and respect.

We value our differences and recognise the benefit of diversity of thought, background, and experience. We will reflect the diversity of those that we work with and for.

We act to ensure that EDI is reflected in our values and embedded in our practises and individual behaviours. Any material revision to the Register, it’s governance, functions and process, training and assessments, or services delivered will be subject to a diversity impact assessment to ensure that respect for all groups are designed into that change.

We maintain anonymous diversity information drawn from our extended community which enables us to better understand our community and its needs, and in context we aim to keep listening, learning, and developing.

Athena® Herd Foundation and The Register treats any reports of discrimination, or such complaints about a practitioner on the Register, seriously. This is his is embodied in the Athena® Herd Foundation Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy, as well as the Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy.

Should such a report arise, we will ensure that it is investigated and appropriate action taken in line with the complaints handling procedure and appropriate the internal policies and procedures.

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