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The Advisory Board

The Accredited Practitioner Register™ (Register) has been established to create and maintain professional ethics and standards that prioritise the health and wellbeing of clients and public and protects them from harm or injury in the field of Equine Facilitated Interactions. The Register not only strives to set standards of practice, but also act to protect public interest by providing a means by which service users and clients can safely raise concerns or complaints about services being offered or provided. 

The Accredited Practitioner Register Advisory Board

The day-to-day management and oversight of the Register is the responsibility of the Accredited Practitioner Register Advisory Board. The Advisory Board provides operational direction over the registration process, the Register’s codes and standards.

The full terms of reference for the Advisory Board can be viewed here.

The Professional Conduct Review Committee acts on behalf of the Register to ensure the fair and consistent treatment of any complaints received about registrants.


The Advisory Board shall be made up of a minimum of five members. Jennifer Geach and Graeme Green will represent the Athena Herd Foundation with the remaining membership being made up of lay members.

Current membership of the Advisory Board can be viewed here.

Lay members will be appointed based on appropriate experience, backgrounds and skills in the context of Equine Facilitated Interactions, as well as specific professional practice supporting the primary areas of wellbeing, mental health, counselling and psychotherapeutic engagements.

Application for Lay Membership

Prospective applications for membership of the Advisory Board are invited from market practitioners from the marketplace and will be considered based upon their individual competencies, skills, and experience, as and when positions become available, either from board growth or retiring membership.

Each appointment shall be for a period of two years, although members may be re-appointed after this time for a further period of two years.

The Register is seeking initial lay members to support the post-accreditation growth and development. In seeking lay membership for the Advisory Board the Register is committed to engaging diverse and inclusive representations from the Equine Facilitated Interactions. Specific roles will be published online as arising, however any practitioner who has an interest being considered for board involvement should email [email protected] for more information.

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