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Athena Herd Foundation  recognises that Equine Facilitated interactions provide what we call as Accelerated Insights™. These are important skills that strengthen and develop necessary personal and professional performance. They combine across an organisation to facilitate psychological safety and engagement. 

Accelerated Insights™ are the facilitators of self, social and situational awareness. They are the necessary foundation to  developing emotional, social and environmental intelligence. These qualities are increasingly recognised important in supporting performance and effectiveness in the workplace.

Accelerated Insights™ recognises the importance of individual authenticity. This is necessary for building and maintaining trusted relationships. 

Accelerated Insights™ demands that we are present. Importantly, presence means not just being self-aware, but also socially and situationally aware. It helps us to recognise not just how we are and how we feel. But also how we need to be, and what others might need from us. This means identifying and engaging the best and most appropriate version of ourselves in behaviour and interaction.

One example of this impact comes from a customised corporate workshop for a team of sustainability professionals. They joined us from a leading global professional services firm, also referred to as one of the Big Four accounting firms. This session provided some meaningful insight into the organisational importance of Accelerated Insights™ (click here to read). 

Accelerated Insights™ helps us recognise the wandering nature of our relationship with intention and attention. It highlights the wandering nature of our attention and its relationship with distraction. It develops practices that can be engaged to focus and strengthen our behaviour and performance.