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Katie Gillanders

☀ Athena Herd Member

☀ Diploma

MA. (Hons)Philosophy.
Level two counselling skills.
Qualified Mental Health first aider.


Katie is fortunate to live in a beautiful eighteen acre smallholding, Winscott Lawn, in glorious rural North Devon, 20 minutes drive from the coast. Katie and her husband Shaun have sixteen equines from small shetlands to large ex-racers. Winscott is also home to three pigmy goats six dogs three cats and some rescue hens.
In her old life Katie ran the family riding school in Scotland for eighteen years and was heavily involved in Pony Club. The relationship between her horses and the riders was the most important aspect of the riders experience. These ponies quite literally changed lives. Katie witnessed daily transformations that amazed and moved her.
Having completed her EFL certificate and diploma with Athena Herd Katie is now inspired and motivated and keen to work with her ponies using the values and beliefs and methods she has learned. Additionally all her extra reading enabled her to realise that there is strong evidence and theories to substantiate and support the changes she has seen in clients. In social psychology and neuroscience as well as other fields.
Katie believes strongly that the peace and the beauty that surrounds Winscott lawn along with the breathtaking views, will offer very real therapeutic benefits . This will add to the benefits her ponies in their natural herd will be able to provide.
Katie is keen to work with a wide variety of clients and cannot wait to introduce you to her animals and ponies and beautiful home.